Lewis Barlow Magician

Astonishing After-Dinner Magic

As well as developing and performing magic at a world-class level, Lewis is also a renowned consulting engineer and visiting lecturer at Edinburgh University. The combination of these diverse skills enables him to engage with a wide range of audiences, from students to CEOs of international consultancies.

His astonishing after-dinner show captivates audiences on many levels, providing amazement and laughter through the purest form of magic: little more than a pack of cards. Lewis adapts his performance to perfectly suit a variety of clients and environments, creating an unforgettable, tailored magical experience that will talked about for years to come.

Recent After-Dinner Show Clients

Royal Bank of Scotland, Aberdeen
A 45 minute performance with plenty of audience interaction and a recurring financial theme, this show involved an incredible effect with a signed, borrowed £10 note from his latest show at the Edinburgh Fringe.
Pinsent Masons, Glasgow
A 30 minute show for Pinsent Masons' latest group of Trainee Solicitors, with a theme of developing the power and potential of the mind. An excellent ice-breaker for the audience and an ideal end to a full day of training.
Palazzo Terranova, Umbria
A mixture of discrete magic at diners' tables, followed by a stand-up show for all. This is just one example of an exclusive venue at which Lewis has performed his world-class magic for a number of celebrities.