Magical Development

Lewis Barlow - Close-Up Magician

Lewis has won four national conjuring competitions and awards, three for his close-up magic (SAMS & Edinburgh Magic Circle) and one for the best overall magical effect (John Ramsay award). He entered the competitions after stepping down as President of the Edinburgh Magic Circle - the youngest President in its 60 year history.

Read on to find out more about how Lewis developed his skills as a close-up magician.

The Bunco Booth

Since the age of five, when he was taken to see Paul Daniels in his record-breaking magic show at the Prince of Wales Theatre in London, Lewis has been fascinated by the art of conjuring. Even at that age, he was drawn towards the effects that clearly involved no trick props, smoke or mirrors, such as the famous Bunko Booth, where experts in card cheating demonstrated their sleight of hand artistry.

The One Handed Magician

Lewis' fascination with magic continued to develop, until in his early teens it took a leap forward through a chance meeting with a one-handed magician. The meeting occurred in a magic shop in London, where Lewis was taught many incredible effects, told fascinating stories of The Magic Circle, and encouraged to seek out more magicians and join the Edinburgh Magic Cicle (Lewis became the President of the Edinburgh Magic Circle only a few years later). Shortly after meeting this one-handed magician, who provided Lewis with his magical epiphany, Lewis attempted to contact him again. He found that the magician had vanished without a trace - with even the staff at the magic shop having no recollection of him at all.

Magical Aquaintances

Membership of the Edinburgh Magic Circle led to meeting many more magicians, including R. Paul Wilson, who in turn introduced Lewis to Jerry Sadowitz. Lewis would regularly write to Jerry with ideas for new effects, moves and routines, some of which were published in Jerry's magic magazine, The Crimp. Jerry's approach to developing incredible close-up magic continues to be a source of inspiration to Lewis to this day. Charles Cameron, world-renowned Godfather of 'Bizarre Magic' and mentor to Lewis, is continuing source of posthumous inspiration.

The Italian Jobs

As Lewis continued to develop his magic to best suit a range of environments in as pure a form as possible, his reputation for stunning close-up magic began to spread beyond the UK. This led to a series of shows across Italy, including in Florence, Trieste and Milan at some of the world's most exclusive hotels. These shows in turn led to many more across Europe until the present day, when Lewis regularly receives requests to perform across the world (he has had to turn down two requests to perform in Holywood in the last year due to prior engagements).

The Future

Lewis' study of the art of magic is unending, however with over twenty years of dedicated research and development into the purest forms of close-up magic, he is able to confidently provide the highest quality of conjuring to his clients. As to what will happen next? Watch this space...