Incredible Magic to Suit Your Event

The magic Lewis performs, combined with his relaxed and friendly manner, can be tailored to almost any event. If you are thinking of booking a magician, the sections below outline the three main styles of magic that Lewis can provide: Strolling, Close-Up Shows and Stage Shows. Click here for details of Lewis' captivating after-dinner entertainment.

Strolling Magic

Lewis Barlow performing strolling magic

This type of magic involves Lewis moving around the venue and performing close-up magic for small groups of people (usually between two and six). Sometimes referred to as walkaround or cocktail magic, it is especially effective at events where the attendees are standing in disparate groups (and are possibly engaged in awkward smalltalk).

Lewis has found from experience that in the absence of a dedicated event host that can work the room and make everyone feel at ease, his close-up magic is an excellent alternative. Even with such a host, his Strolling Magic has proved to be a valuable addition. It breaks the ice, genuinely entertains, and provides an immediate talking point for guests who may have only met a moment ago.

Needless to say, the function doesn't need to be a cocktail party, it can be any gathering where the majority of people are standing. Recent examples of Strolling Magic that Lewis has performed are at Harvey Nichols, The British Chamber of Commerce for Italy, and numerous wedding receptions across the country.

Close-Up Magic Shows

Lewis Barlow - The Seven Wonders of Magic

Lewis is particularly renowned for his expert Close-Up Magic Shows, where the intimacy of Strolling Magic is retained, but for a much larger audience. These shows also provide the perfect opportunity for interaction and improvisation with the audience.

This is the ideal magic form for private house parties, small corporate gatherings or any event where you wish to create the same level of magical experience for everyone present. Depending on your requirements, Lewis can design his show to last from ten minutes to over an hour. Technical requirements for Close-Up Magic shows are minimal, usually all that is required is good lighting and low background noise.

Lewis has performed his award winning parlour show at intimate wedding receptions, exclusive hotel functions and private parties around the country. His reputation also continues to take him across Europe to perform for a variety of international clients.

Stage Magic Shows

Lewis Barlow at the Eastgate Theatre

Lewis has developed and performed four unique stage magic shows in the last two years, two for the Edinburgh International Magic Festival and two for the Edinburgh Festival. These sell-out shows were enjoyed by thousands of astonished audience members and received glowing reviews. They are all capable of being performed to larger audiences (from 30 to 3000) either in their full form (approximately one hour) or condensed to suit an after dinner speech or as part of a wider programme.

To better understand the impact of the above shows on a variety of audiences, see the selection of video footage from some of Lewis' recent performances.