Card in Impossible Location

A card is signed by a spectator and lost in the shuffled pack. At the climax of an incredible experiment in time travel, the cards visibly return themselves to their unshuffled condition - inside their original cellophane-sealed box. The spectator examines and breaks open the seal himself, then removes his signed card to keep as an unforgettable souvenir.

Footage from Lewis Barlow's 'Experiments in Mystery' show at the Edinburgh International Magic Festival, July 2011

Signed Bill in Orange

A bank note is borrowed from an audience member and is signed by them for permenant identification. Lewis carries out a series of tests on the note to check whether it may be legal tender, resulting in the note exploding into flame. However, the fully restored, signed note is found by another audience member by cutting into an orange that has been held by them since the beginning of the show.

Footage from Lewis Barlow's 'Seven Wonders of Magic' show at the Edinburgh Fringe, August 2010

Stacking a Shuffled Deck

A deck of cards is shuffled and examined by an audience member. Without looking at the cards, Lewis instantly locates the four aces. He then simulates the near-impossible conditions that a card cheat must work under, by stacking the deck into perfect order in under thirty seconds as the audience counts down to the astonishing finale.

Footage from Lewis Barlow's 'Close-Up Magician' show at the Eastgate Theatre, Peebles, December 2009